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Everyone has the need to experience the feeling of a luxury trip with high-class amenities. Luxury is not determined just by the cost, but by one’s disposition to bask in the care and attention of people who know the art of hospitality.

Greece is privileged to be one of the nations that offer luxurious, glittering holidays. Mykonos is synonymous with cosmopolitanism attracting people with high expectations from all over the globe. The prestige that grew from the 1960s onwards, with famous names in Greek society among world celebrities, like Aristotle Onassis, Stavros Niarchos, Maria Callas, Melina Merkouri, and many others, catapulted Greece into one of the top destinations for luxury tourism.

Over the last few years many stars from the cinema and showbiz have been seen to prefer both the Greek islands and the mainland for their holidays. The unbeatable beauty of Greek nature and the art of hospitality, inherent in Greek tradition, produce an irresistible idea to which more and more famous people yield.

Choosing a villa in an enchanting location ensures a stay that is nothing less than unique.

The facilities guarantee demanding travellers an unforgettable stay.

Private villas offering privacy and comfort, the opportunity to enjoy getting away from daily routine on a yacht sailing the Greek seas, combined with culinary traditions with an exceptionally high standard of execution, the chance to purchase brand-name and high quality products, and the incomparable Greek landscape create the best setting for one to enjoy absolute luxury.

But that is not all: Beauty treatments, rejuvenating body therapies and beautifully prepared delicate food are just some of the attractions that Greece holds is store for its exclusive visitors.

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